This manual explains step by step how to successfully install Defenx Network Security Suite, in one server and multiple endpoints.


Before installation, follow the steps below.

File sharing

Control Panel\Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center \ Advanced sharing settings. Check if the activation of file sharing is enabled.

Register Files

From Start menu, chose to execute the application.

Type RegEdit and click ok, it should open an windows System RegisterEditor

Follow the path under the Editor RegisterHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\SystemCheck if the register key LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy exists. In case does not exist, as in the example below, you should create it.

In Edit > New > value DWORD (32 bit)

Name it as: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy

Then right click over the key created and select Modify

Set a value of 1 and then click OK

The first register key is complete.

Second Register Key

Follow the path under the Editor RegisterHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HTTP\Parameters
by default, you should find just one register “Default” with no value set. If there exists any other Register Key, this can causes conflicts in the future in installation. We advise to rename or remove to avoid any problems related to the Network Security Suite Software.

Server Side


Read and accept the EULA to proceed than click on Next.

Select the first option in case the server does not have a DB installed, so the software Defenx will install it for you.

Insert username and password for the admin account on the server to access the software.

In case you want to receive notification using Defenx Network Security, fill the SMTP form, otherwise, you can skip this process

Take note the IP address signed to the server, for future usage

Product Activation

Once the installation is finished a browser page will open asking user and password, It's the account and password set before, during the installation process

Automatically  the activation code will be asked

It will ask to create an account, to manage the keys in the future and associate your key to your email.

In case you lready have an account you can simply select Login Here once clicked in Next it should open a popup asking for an activation code, this is where to insert the product license then click Next and this activation success window will open.

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