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Installing and enabling Defenx SOS for smartphone
Installing and enabling Defenx SOS for smartphone

How to install Defenx SOS Help Me and enter the activation code

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Open the Play Store app on your smartphone and search for Defenx SOS Help Me; you can also follow the link below directly from your smartphone and the Play Store app will automatically open:

  1. Tap the green button "Install".

  2. Once the installation is complete, simply click "Open" to start the application.

  3. Wait for the application to load and accept the terms and conditions of use.

  4. After accepting the terms of use select the language of your choice and click "next".

  5. Now enter the Defenx SOS licence activation code.

  6. Press "Control Product Key" to activate your licence. At this point, run the log with your Defenx Mobile account using "Activation" or create a new account by choosing "Register".

  7. Now choose a PIN. The PIN is a 4 digit code that allows you to open the app. For safety reasons, only those who know the PIN can access the app.

  8. Once the PIN has been confirmed, you will find yourself on the main page of the SOS app.

  9. By default, the application is not enabled. Drag the button to the right in order to enable it.

  10. The Defenx shield will change from red to green, and the app will be active until you turn it off again.

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