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Installing and enabling Defenx Mobile Security Suite on your smartphone
Installing and enabling Defenx Mobile Security Suite on your smartphone

How to Install Defenx Mobile Security and enter the activation code

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Open the Play Store app on your smartphone and search for Defenx Security Suite; you can also follow the link below directly from your smartphone and the Play Store app will automatically open:

  1. Click the green button "Install".

  2.  Once the installation is complete, simply click "Open" to start the application.

  3. Wait for the application to load and accept the terms and conditions of use.

  4. Please enter your licence code to enable Mobile Security Suite.

  5. Once you have entered the code and enabled your product, you are asked to create a Defenx account in order to make the most of your application, for example, how to locate your device in case of theft or loss, or transfer your Defenx licence to a new device if you decide to change your phone.

  6. Enter an email and password.

  7. After you click on "Create Account" you are asked to choose a 4-digit PIN. Enter a code that you can easily remember; you will need to use this code every time you want to open the Defenx Mobile Security app.

  8. Once you have typed in the PIN, proceed with the configuration of the app. The safety of the device depends on the functions enabled. You can still access this screen at a later date.

If you require assistance, please write to

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