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Defenx Softwares Installation and activation
How to install and activate Defenx Antivirus on your computer
How to install and activate Defenx Antivirus on your computer

Install the antivirus and insert the activation key

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  1. Download Defenx Antivirus on your computer from this link if you didn't do it yet:
    and follow these instructions.

  2. Run the DefenxAntivirus.exe file. This window will open, click on “Agree and Install”:

3. The installation process will start:

4. At the end of the installation process the software will ask you to reboot your computer:

5. When your computer has been restarted it will ask you to insert your key in order to activate it:

6. Click on “Activate” and insert all the information required: your name, your e-mail address and your key, then click “Next”:

If the key you have got does not start like DFXSS please write to including your full name, the e-mail address related to your purchase and please explain where you bought the licence, so we’ll be able to convert your old key to a new one.

7. Choose a password and write it twice to confirm it, then click “Next”, and “Proceed”:

8. You’ll see a confirmation of your activation. Click “Close”.

9. Your computer is now protected:

If you have any issues please write to

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