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Update Defenx Software to 10 version
Update Security Suite and Antivirus to version 10
Update Security Suite and Antivirus to version 10

How to update your Defenx software to version 10

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We recently released a new version of the Defenx Softwares and we are asking to all users to urgently update the software installed on their computers.

So please, uninstall the Defenx software, Antivirus or Security Suite, on your computer, reboot it, and download and install the new software from Defenx website:

You'll be required to insert a new serial number. 

If you already have an activation key, please write to specifying:

  1. Your full name

  2. Your email 

  3. All your activation keys

  4. Where you made the purchase (online, through a reseller, computer shop etcetera.)

Thank you for your cooperation.
For any issues please write to

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