-Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016
-Check on Cloud (also disabled) with:

  • IP Blacklist
  • Email Blacklist
  • Word-Based Filter
  • Bayesian Filter
  • Heuristic Filters

-Local check with Black list and White list
-Manual signaling and insertion of Spam
-Automatic and manual check on selection
-Multi-account management
-Verification filters:

  • Ignore "already read" messages
  • Ignore messages without attachments
  • Ignore messages on programmable date

-Import / Export Lists
-Programmable behaviors:

  • Automation of lists on manual controls
  • Moving Spam messages (also with custom folder)
  • Edit Object (customizable)
  • Spam set "as read" 

Installation or Update

If you have a previous installation, you need to remove it using "Application Installation" in Windows (all your settings will be kept).

The application is available in the 

  • Defenx Security Suite
  • Defenx Network Security

 If you wish to download the product individually:

Once the compressed file has been unpacked, double click on the setup.exe file and follow the instructions.

Quick Guide

A Quick Guide to Defenx Anti-Spam features is available:

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